I self-published my first novel, Mr Cavell’s Diamond, in 2014. Later that year I landed my first two book deal, for The Emerald Comb and The Pearl Locket.

Since then I have had several further book deals with HQ, and have published one or two books every year.

My novels are almost all dual timeline – where a historical mystery is uncovered and resolved in the present day. The chapters alternate from contemporary to historical. The novels cover many different periods – from late 18th century to World War II. Two are set in Ireland (The Forgotten Secret and The Girl from Ballymor); one in France (The Secret of the Château) and the rest in England.

There’s a page of information for each book, containing the blurb and buy links – please click on the links below. Listed here in reverse order of publication date, though please note all are standalone.

The Girl from Bletchley Park

The Lost Sister

The Forgotten Gift

The Secret of the Château

The Stationmaster’s Daughter

The Forgotten Secret

The Drowned Village

The Girl from Ballymor

The Daughters of Red Hill Hall

The Pearl Locket

The Emerald Comb

Mr Cavell’s Diamond