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There’s a storm warning in place for the south of England – overnight tonight we will be battered by 80mph winds and lashed by rain, several inches are due to fall. We’re on amber alert. The wind has already picked up, but it was fine this morning so I went out for a run.

And what a run it was! One of my most exhilarating ever. I ran 4km along the Bournemouth cliff top, westwards against the wind. This was very hard work. Then turned around at the pier, and ran 4km eastwards with the wind at my back, along the prom. This part felt like flying!

2013-10-27 11.28.02

The wind was whipping up the sea into a frenzy, and also creating sandstorms along the beach. My back got sand-blasted. After the run I came back down to the beach to try to capture the drama but with only a phone camera it’s hard to do it justice.

I experienced a real runner’s high on the last few km. It was incredible.

And now this afternoon I’m aiming for a writer’s high. You know that feeling, when it’s all going so well, the story is playing out like a film script in your head and all you need do is take dictation from your characters? I’m hoping that will happen today. I was stuck on a scene but in the middle of the night realised that the answer is to write it in a different character’s viewpoint. I’m looking forward to getting inside her head.