It’s my favourite time of the week – Friday evening with an empty weekend stretching in front of me. Two days in which I can write, run, read, and veg. Sheer bliss! And I’m allowed a glass or two of wine after a non-drinking week.

There’s a couple of things I must do – drop off my son at the station as he’s on his way back to uni (boo), go to the shops to buy the latest writing magazines which include features written by friends, do an hour’s house cleaning (I refuse to do more).

But I should be able to write 2-3000 words, run 10-12 km, and spend some time reading.

It’s at least a month since I had two free days like this, and boy am I going to make the most of them. As long as I can keep off Facebook and Candy Crush Saga (what a blinking waste of time that is!)

There’s a lot to be said for quiet weekends in January, coming after hectic, manic December. What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever you’re doing – enjoy!