I’m feeling a little paralysed by having too many writing projects all clamouring for my attention. Help me out and pick a random number between 1 and 5 before reading on, and post it as a comment. I’m not promising I’ll actually work on the one with most votes, but it could be as good a way of deciding as any!



OK, so here are the actual choices.

1. Continue with current novel which is about 1/3 written. I know where I’m going with it and have a synopsis and plan completely worked out. If no agent takes on The Emerald Comb, this would be my next novel to send out.

2. Write another novel for which I have one chapter done, and more or less a complete synopsis, although there are some holes in the plot. I had the idea for this about a year ago and really want to write it some time. It will be told in 3 parts, going backwards in time.

3. Write another novel for which so far I have written a brief but intriguing prologue, and some scribbled notes. This one will be a psychological thriller so a completely different genre for me. Him indoors wants me to do this one.

4. Write a novella which I will self-publish. This will use large parts of my first novel, the one based on my family tree research, but it’ll all be rewritten and altered quite a lot. I’ll move it a little earlier in time, relocate it to Brighton, and it’ll become a Regency romance. I’ll be honest – I’m inspired by how well friends’ regency romances have sold especially to US readers, and wonder whether I could write one that sells as well.

5. Work on the print version of my how-to books. My plan is to combine them into one print volume, with some added material, and publish through CreateSpace. Although the writing part of this project will be easy, there’s a lot to learn about formatting for print, but I’ve wanted to have a go at this for a long rime.


Having read all those, which should I work on this weekend?