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So sorry that it’s been over a month since I updated this blog. I would say I’ve had no time, but if you’ve read my post Time To Write you’ll know that really means I’ve not been motivated enough to blog. Which sounds terrible put like that, doesn’t it? *blushes*

I have, however, been hard at work on several writing projects. Back in January I blogged about having too many projects, and I couldn’t decide which to get on with. I ended up working on three of them. Here’s an update:

1. Print versions of my How To books. This project is now complete, and very soon the print books will be available to buy from Amazon and other online outlets. Watch this space – I’ll let you know when they’re up! I’ve extended both books, uploaded a new ebook version (already available) and spent far longer than I expected getting the formatting right. I’ll do a post soon on Lessons Learned.

2. Regency romance novella based on part of my first novel. I had lots of fun with this. I extracted the middle 50,000 words from my novel, reshaped, removed a few characters, rewrote large sections. It’s far from finished but it reached the stage where a second opinion would be worthwhile, and two lovely writer-friends offered to read it for me. It’s now out with them.

3. With the print project complete and the novella project on hold awaiting feedback, that’s left me with my main WIP. I’ve been adding to it slowly this year, and I’m now about half way through the story. It’s coming up a bit short on word count – I’m hoping it’ll end up at 90,000 but at the moment is heading towards around 80,000 – but I won’t worry about that until I have the first draft written. I’m back ‘full time’ on that project now, and have spent this weekend writing a critical mid-novel scene.

Him indoors is still often asking how I’m getting on with my psychological thriller, the one he really wants to read. So I guess I’d better do that one next!

I’d always thought I was a one-project woman. With limited writing time I need to crack on and make the most of it. But actually I have found recently that I get more done if there’s more than one project on the go, at different stages. If I’m not feeling creative I can turn to the editing or formatting project and get on with that. If I’m cross-eyed from proof-reading it’s a refreshing change to do some first-drafting, where it doesn’t matter how you spell or punctuate, as long as you get the words written.

So when I get the feedback on the regency romance, I can use that one as the editing project if I’m not feeling first-drafty. It’s a good mix, and I think I’ll try to always have more than one novel on the go now.

Do you like to work on one thing at a time, or do you have many things on the go at once?