I told myself that once I’d got my two How To books out in paperback, and my Regency romance published as an ebook, I’d return to my half-written WIP and get the first draft completed before allowing myself to be side-tracked onto something else.

But now I keep thinking how nice it would be to see Mr Cavell’s Diamond in paperback as well. Maybe I should go for it. In terms of sales it probably won’t be worth the effort, but it doesn’t cost much (if I can get my son to do the cover) so maybe I should… It’s much harder work formatting for print, so that ought to put me off…

I’ve seen comments that having a print book available lends weight to the ebook, and although you might not sell many print copies you will probably sell more ebooks just from having both formats available. No idea if this is true – haven’t noticed much upsurge in sales of my How Tos since publishing the print book; they’ve just carried on ticking away nicely at much the same rate as before.

What do you think? Should I, or not? I’ll take a vote. Eyes to the left, nose to the right, if you please!