I know The Emerald Comb has only been published a month, but a couple of reviewers have mentioned they’d like to see a sequel. I wrote the book as a standalone novel, with absolutely no intention of writing more about these characters, but now I’m thinking hmmm, what if I took other characters from Katie’s family tree, and gave them secrets to hide, which leads to Katie having another mystery to solve?

I pondered this on the drive to Mum’s today, and by the time I got back, had the makings of a plot buzzing around my head. It’ll be fun to revisit some of my characters. I do feel I know them pretty well.

I’ve never tried writing a sequel. I know there are pitfalls – you need to make sure the book works for people who haven’t read the first one, also ensure if someone reads book 2 and then book 1 you haven’t given away the surprises in book 1. It’ll be a challenge, but I think I might have a go. Have to finish the two writing projects which are already underway first, though!

What do you think – have you written novels with sequels? How did you find it? As a reader do you enjoy sequels?  Should I go for it?