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It’s been quite a month. Looking back on it, last night, I realised actually it’s been an amazing month.

During October we went to close friends’ silver wedding celebration, a 50th birthday party, and spent a wonderful long weekend at the Cork jazz festival with my sister-in-law and her husband.

In the day job a major project I’ve managed and worked on for most of the year came to a successful conclusion.

And as for my writing endeavours – wow. October has been brilliant.

  • The Emerald Comb went onto an Amazon 99p promotion and sales took off. I’ve had some wonderful reviews. I even had a best seller flag for a while!bestseller3
  • I’ve been featured on loads of lovely blogs promoting The Emerald Comb. For links to them all, see this page.
  • The Pearl Locket went up for pre-order and immediately made it into the historical fiction chart.
  • Sales of Mr Cavell’s Diamond have been boosted by a Countdown deal, and have also been helped by people enjoying The Emerald Comb and coming back to see what else I’ve written.
  • Sales of the How To books ticked along, and I sold more paperbacks of them last month than any other month to date.
  • I have almost finished the first draft of a short new non-fiction book. I had the idea in early October and have raced through it.
  • I’ve had an idea for another novel, might be the next one I write, we’ll see.

November will be quieter, I suspect. Although I’ll be writing a lot, as usual!