It’s that time of year again! Time to look back at 2014’s resolutions, see how I fared, and set some new ones for 2015.  Here’s the link to last year’s post, and here are the resolutions I set together with the results:

  • Lose 6kg weight — Let’s not discuss this one, shall we?
  • Take part in the Bournemouth half-marathon in October — I signed up, but owing to too many other pressures I wasn’t able to train enough and had to drop out
  • Take part in the Bournemouth pier-to-pier swim in the summer — Yay, did this, loved it, got the medal! 
  • Complete next novel, edit and submit by end of the year — completed a draft, currently editing in line with editor’s suggestions
  • Combine my two How To Write books into one print version, with some added material, and publish through CreateSpace — decided to keep them separate but I did publish as paperbacks and they’ve sold nicely
  • Persuade him indoors to do up the living room — amazingly, 3 years after this started appearing on my resolutions list, we did actually complete it, with the help of lovely son while he was home from uni in the summer.

I achieved more than the above list suggests. I submitted a novel to a publisher and got a two book deal – The Emerald Comb was published in September and has lots of lovely reviews now. I also published a historical novella, Mr Cavell’s Diamond, and wrote a time management book for writers, as well as working on that second novel.

There were some rough points in the year – my husband’s cycling accident in the summer tested my nursing skills, and on Boxing Day my lovely cat Sal had to be put to sleep while we were away on holiday.

But in terms of writing, it was a great year. In fact, the best yet. I’m a contracted novelist, with 6 books to my name on Amazon and that feels very, very good.

So, what’s next for 2015?

  • Complete the editing of The Pearl Locket
  • Write synopses and plans for three further novels and see if I can get another book deal
  • Produce paperback versions of Mr Cavell’s Diamond and Give Up Ironing
  • Write another complete novel
  • Do the pier to pier swim again. Not sure about a half marathon – knees are getting dodgy. But definitely need to increase fitness and lose a few kilos. Let’s say 4kg.

If you’re wondering how on earth I’ll find the time for all the writing jobs, then you need to read (shameless plug coming up, sorry) my latest book, Give Up Ironing – a Writer’s Guide to Time Management. It is due for release on 1st January, and I hope will inspire you to write more books or stories!

I hope you all had a productive 2014 and a merry Christmas. I wish all my blog readers a very happy and productive New Year. May you achieve all your goals and be happy in the process!