Was it really only 10 days ago that the devastating earthquake hit Nepal? It was a shocking, horrifying event, and one made even worse by the inaccessibility of many of the villages hit by the earthquake and later landslides.

I went to Nepal many many years ago, and fell in love with the place. We stayed in Kathmandu, then went to Pokhara and did some trekking in the Annapurna region. It is the most beautiful country on earth. I’m deeply saddened by what’s happened there.

So when writer Julia Williams decided to organise a charity auction in aid of Nepal, I had to do my bit. These auctions have been hugely successful in the past – in the last Authors for Japan one I actually won signed books and a critique from Julia herself!

I have offered signed copies of my two How To books. I’ll also be bidding on several other items. The auction is up and running NOW so please go and take a look, and be GENEROUS! Nepal is one of the poorest countries on earth, and boy do they need our help right now.

Here’s the Authors for Nepal Auction link. It’s being run via eBay but as far as I know, eBay are waiving their fees so ALL monies will go direct to the charity First Steps Himalaya.