I think that’s the right term – not having gone to the kind of school where they taught Latin I’m not 100% sure…. but what I am trying to say is where the blimming heck has October gone? One minute I’m up a mountain celebrating a big birthday at the start of the month, and suddenly it’s almost Halloween and we haven’t even stocked up on trick-or-treat sweets yet…

And all month I have been meaning to post here to say that my novel The Emerald Comb is currently on a 99p Amazon promotion. There are a few days left, so time to get it if you want to.

So here’s a little poster I made to advertise it. I really ought to spend more time and effort on promotion but until I get a Time Turner for Christmas (I asked for one) that’s not going to be possible.

The Emerald Comb (1)

Alternatively, and because it is almost Halloween, why not take a look at my little Ghost Stories book? Rena George gives it a lovely little plug on her rather beautiful blog – here.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Have a spooky Halloween, everyone! I will be spending it writing – am on the last chapter of my work-in-progress and can’t wait to move on to the editing stage. Remind me I said that in a month’s time when I am sick of editing, won’t you?