There are, I think, three stages in a writer’s relationship with writing magazines such as Writers’ Forum or Writing Magazine.

  1. As a beginner writer you buy them, read them cover to cover and learn a lot from them. You dream of the day when your work, even just a reader’s letter, is published in the magazine.
  2. As a writer who’s beginning to submit their work, you enter competitions featured in them, send in letters, fillers and article proposals. Some are published. You dream of the day when the articles are about you, not by you.
  3. As an established writer you are interviewed for features in the magazine, and buy the magazine to see what the journalist has said about you.

I seem to be somewhere between 2 and 3 at the moment – am delighted to have been featured in a article by Simon Whaley on how best to make use of the Leap Day this year (Writing Magazine, February 2016). He’s written about me because of my little time management book for writers – Give Up Ironing. That issue is in the shops now.