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At last, The Daughters of Red Hill Hall has been published, and is out there in the big wide world! It feels like ages since my last publication – well, it is over a year. Before that I published 6 books in 2 years (including my self-published books for writers). I’m writing more than ever, but full-length novels simply take longer to complete!
Red Hill Hall banner

Anyway – I am delighted to be able to say this one’s now available, and am looking forward to finding out what people think of it. I will link to related blog posts and reviews on the dedicated page for this novel – click the link at the top of this page.

If you read the book and enjoy it, please do leave a brief review on Amazon. I’d really appreciate it as it does help future sales.
I’ve spent half the day on Twitter and Facebook announcing the publication, and this evening I think I might just have to celebrate with a glass or two of something fizzy (and I don’t mean lemonade!)