Shortcut coverRecently I have had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with some wonderful authors of timeslip novels, to create a short (10,000 word) timeslip story. We wrote this originally for a Facebook group – the Historical and Timeslip Novels group – which has always been hugely supportive of all of us. This was our little way of giving something back. The story has been serialised in that group over the last couple of weeks, and now I can share it here for my blog readers. Click the link below to read the PDF on screen or download.


Your authors are listed below. All links are to their Amazon author pages. If you enjoy A Shortcut Through Time you’ll almost certainly enjoy their full length novels, so please do go and check them out!

Anna Belfrage – author of the marvellous Graham series

Annie Whitehead – To Be a Queen and Alvar the Kingmaker

Irina Shapiro – the Wonderland and Hands of Time series

Terry Lynn Thomas – The Spirit of Grace

Nicola Layouni – Tales of a Traveller series

We passed the story back and forth via Facebook as we wrote it, writing three sections each, to a rough plan from Anna Belfrage (although the plot did change as we went along – you can’t expect six authors not to stray off-piste from time to time!) I bet you can’t see the joins or guess who wrote what part. Please let me know what you think of this story in the comments below.

We had great fun writing this and have not ruled out writing a sequel at some stage in the future…