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Well I don’t know about youthe-girl-from-ballymor_highres but I think this cover’s absolutely GORGEOUS!

I love her vibrant hair which is exactly right for my heroine, Kitty. And the background image is perfect for the setting of west Cork, Ireland.

This book feels like it’s been a long time coming. I actually finished the first draft and sent it to my editor way back in August last year. Since then there has been a number of rounds of edits, and I have just this minute finished going through the printed proofs.

This book, I am DELIGHTED to announce, will be available as a paperback as well as ebook. It’s been my dream for ages to hold one of my novels, printed, in my grubby little paws (or maybe I’ll even wash my hands before picking it up). And now that’s finally going to happen! Although, as this book won’t be released until 1st June we’ll actually be out of the country at that time (as you’ll know if you’ve looked at my other blog linked from the last post). I’ll have to wait until I’m back to finally get to hold it.

It is funny the reactions I’ve had when telling people it’ll be available as a paperback. Old friends and in-laws who just don’t ‘do’ Kindles are the most delighted for me, hugging me excitedly as finally they will get to read one of my books in a format they like. Other people, especially those who read a lot of ebooks, smile uncertainly, shrug, and ask me to explain why paperback is such a big deal.

I’m likely to make more money on the ebook sales than the paperback, but still, knowing that format will be available does feel like a really big deal. My publisher is a digital-first publisher, and only selected books go into paperback. The fact they’ve picked one of mine means they have faith in this book and think it’ll sell. That’s a real confidence booster. And it will, of course, be lovely to actually have a copy of the book on my book shelves at home. I’m also delighted that this format will mean the book can reach more readers.

I’ve added a page at the top of this blog for reviews and links relating to this book, as for the other ones. It’s available now for preorder.