LP books Very excited to open this morning’s post to find these beauties in a jiffy bag! This is my first book in large print, and isn’t it lovely? I’m hoping many libraries will buy it so it can reach lots more people.

I love this cover. Seeing it on the finished book was the first time I’d seen this cover. That model is so definitely Kitty, though I suppose really she should be a little more gaunt around the face to be historically accurate. But let’s see her as she was before the famine, healthy and happy.


In other news, I’m now working on two books at once. Editing a second Irish novel, and starting to write another one, set in Dorset. The aim is to publish both next year, though neither has a definite title yet! You’ll hear it here first. Or ‘like’ my Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/KathleenMcGurl  which I sometimes update earlier than my blog with news.

Who of you uses a library? I must admit I don’t, these days. I’m a compulsive book-buyer, and have so many in my To-Be-Read pile I don’t need to add to it with library books. Yet I think libraries are a brilliant service, and in the past I’ve used them a lot – especially when my kids were young.