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Or was April actually about six months long? It was shorter than March, anyway (or felt like it).


I have news this month – on 15th May my latest book, The Secret of the Château, will be released in ebook format. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of this one! It’s set mostly in France, as the title implies, and the historical parts are set during the French revolution. Had to do plenty of research for this one!



The Emerald Comb new coverThe Pearl Locket_FINAL



Also being released on 14th May are the paperbacks for my first two dual timeline novels – The Emerald Comb and The Pearl Locket. I have been asked so many times whether these will ever be available as paperbacks so it is very pleasing that they soon will be.


In other news, I recently signed a contract for audio versions of all my books that aren’t already in this format! The Secret of the Château comes out in July along with the paperback, and the others (the older books, plus The Stationmaster’s Daughter) probably around August. I’m delighted that all my HQ novels will be available in all formats.