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After an exciting couple of months watching how The Secret of the Château was doing on various Amazon deals in the US and then UK, this month it’s the turn of The Girl from Ballymor that is now selling at just 99p on Amazon UK.  It’s still my favourite of my novels, so I hope it does well.


Later this month, on the 27th, all my older books will be released as audiobooks. There will be five coming out on the same day, which is really exciting! That will mean all my books are available in all formats. I’ll soon be recording some promotional video clips about the inspiration behind The Emerald Comb, The Pearl Locket, The Daughters of Red Hill Hall, The Girl from Ballymor and The Stationmaster’s Daughter, to celebrate these audiobook publications.

Also this month, I’ll be announcing news of my next novel – the tenth. I can’t wait to share this with everyone! Novel Eleven is also written and with beta readers for a few comments before I send it to my editor. And ideas for more are brewing, of course.

I hope everyone’s found plenty of time to read over recent months. I have – along with writing. And house clearing. We’ve been talking about moving for a couple of years, and are finally taking some steps towards doing it. Which means the loft and the garage that we’ve been ignoring for years all need sorting. Funnily, book eleven starts with a character clearing her attic. She gets on with it a lot faster than I have managed to.