A couple of weeks ago, my back list titles were all published as audio books. To celebrate, my publisher asked me to record a minute for each book, of myself talking about the inspiration behind each one. Those videos have all been uploaded to Instagram, and you can watch them via the HQStories channel, linked here.

It was a pretty excruciating experience getting those done, I can tell you! My drama student son helped, and it took us ages getting the lighting right, and the camera (phone) angle right, so the bags under my eyes didn’t look too bad. And then I kept stumbling over the words, or speaking as though I was ‘dead inside,’ as my son kept telling me. We had to do about 20 takes for one book. I have a newfound respect for all actors, presenters, radio and TV hosts. Words are far easier to write than to speak, I think!

Anyway, here are the links to the individual clips, saved here so they’re easier to find in case anyone ever wants a giggle.

The Stationmaster’s Daughter

The Pearl Locket

The Girl from Ballymor

The Emerald Comb

The Daughters of Red Hill Hall