And good riddance to 2020. I think we are all hoping that this year will be a little better.

At this time of year I always write a blog post looking back on the year and setting out some aims for the year ahead. I considered not doing it this year, as no one really wants to look back on 2020 do they? But I think I’ll stick to my tradition. There have (for me) been a few good things in the year.

Last year, none of us could have foreseen what was ahead. I envisaged another year like 2019 for me – lots of travelling and writing, but slow progress on thinning down house contents ready to move. That’s reflected in last year’s resolutions. Here they are:

  • Complete the two novels written last year. Both are slated for publication in 2020.Done, The Secret of the Chateau and The Forgotten Gift
  • Write first drafts of two more novels. — Wrote a full draft of one, and the starts of two others, so I guess I’m a little behind here.
  • Continue thinning down possessions, with a view to selling this house in 2021.The pandemic and lockdowns helped us herewe completed the declutter, put the house on the market in July and moved on December 1st – ahead of schedule!
  • Continue enjoying life! — Not as easy as it had been the previous year. Of course all our travel plans were scuppered. But we had our sons living with us on and off all year, and managed lots of family walks and bike rides and board games. So not all bad.

Looking ahead, of course the one thing 2020 showed us is that life is never certain. It’s hard to plan in detail, when we don’t know how this pandemic will pan out. And Brexit means our travel plans are not as achievable as they were, now that I’m no longer an EU citizen (although my Irish husband still is). But here’s what I hope to do in 2021:

  • Complete writing two more novels
  • Pandemic allowing, spend a couple of months in France in late spring/early summer (a booking from 2020 that was postponed a year)
  • Finish sorting out the new house, including building a garden room which is to be my writing space
  • Make the most of every day, even when we’re restricted in what we can do. There are always possibilities.

Thanks to all my readers for your support, and I hope the year was kind to you. Best wishes for 2021.