Delighted to announce that my latest novel, The Girl from Bletchley Park, is now available for pre-order! The ebook will be released on November 3rd, and the paperback about 2 months later in early January.

I absolutely adore this cover – possibly my favourite of all my books. Here’s the blurb and preorder links. It’s just been added to Netgalley as well, and I am nervously awaiting first reviews.

There will be a blog tour starting on publication day, organised as ever by the brilliant Rachel.

Will love lead her to a devastating choice?

1942. Three years into the war, Pam turns down her hard-won place at Oxford University to become a codebreaker at Bletchley Park. There, she meets two young men, both keen to impress her, and Pam finds herself falling hard for one of them. But as the country’s future becomes more uncertain by the day, a tragic turn of events casts doubt on her choice – and Pam’s loyalty is pushed to its limits…
Present day. Julia is struggling to juggle her career, two children and a husband increasingly jealous of her success. Her brother presents her with the perfect distraction: forgotten photos of their grandmother as a young woman at Bletchley Park. Why did her grandmother never speak of her time there? The search for answers leads Julia to an incredible tale of betrayal and bravery – one that inspires some huge decisions of her own…

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