Here’s the cover and blurb of my new novel, The Girl with the Emerald Flag, which is now available for preorder from all the usual places! It’ll be published as an ebook and audio book on 11th November, and as a paperback in January next year.

It’s set partly in Dublin, 1916, during the Easter Rising, and partly in Brighton, 1998. I absolutely loved writing this novel and hope you love reading it.

Here’s the blurb:

A country rebelling
It’s 1916 and, as war rages in Europe, Gráinne leaves her job in a department store to join Countess Markiewicz’s revolutionary efforts. It is a decision which will change her life forever. A rebellion is brewing, and as Dublin’s streets become a battleground, Gráinne soon discovers the personal cost of fighting for what you believe in…

A forgotten sacrifice
Decades on, student Nicky is recovering from a break-up when a research project leads her to her great-grandmother’s experiences in revolutionary Ireland. When Nicky finds a long-forgotten handkerchief amongst her great-grandmother’s things, it leads to the revelation of a heartbreaking story of tragedy and courage, and those who sacrificed everything for their country.

Inspired by a heartbreaking true story, this emotional historical novel will sweep you away to the Emerald Isle.