The Emerald Comb

Katie SThe Emerald Comb V3 cover smallmith, nee St Clair, is a keen amateur genealogist, and has researched her family tree back many generations. When the chance comes to buy the house where her St Clair ancestors had lived for generations, she leaps at it, despite her husband Simon not understanding her obsession with the past.

But the house holds long-buried secrets, and when Katie and her family move in, they begin to discover them. Will Katie ever discover the truth about her heritage?

The Emerald Comb is a novel told in two strands – contemporary and 1840s, in alternating chapters.


Published by Carina UK on 22nd September 2014

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“totally worthy of five of my cupcakes, and more. I cannot recommend this book enough!” Lovely Becca was blown away by my book – thank you Becca!

“An edge of your seat read, that is a page turner and gripped me from page one” Jo (Cometbabe) found it hard to put down and gave me 5 stars – thank you Jo!

“What I really liked was the realistic ending” Review on Cheryl M-M’s book blog – thank you Cheryl!

“two stories: one historical, the other contemporary, cleverly interwoven with conflict, mystery and passion… an absorbing read” Thank you Jane Hunt for such a lovely review!

AJ book reviews made it her book of the week, and wrote the sweetest review. Thanks AJ!

“infuriatingly well-written” “an intelligent and refreshingly different read” – high praise from Helen Baggott, thank you!

“beautifully written and left you wanting more. More of everything.” – a lovely review on FeedMeInBooks, thank you!

“probably my Book of the Year so far!” Charlotte enjoyed it a lot, thank you!

“It is one of those books that you get hooked on straight away” Emma couldn’t put id down – thank you Emma!

“if you like books about history, love, genealogy and family stories you will absolutely love this book” – thank you, Librarian Lavender!

The Emerald Comb was reviewed in Estonian! No idea what this review says.

“Hauntingly dramatic with its elegant writing” – good review from DelugedInBooks 

“expert weaving together of two tales” – fellow Carina author Molly Ann Wishlade enjoyed it very much, thanks Molly!

“superbly written with great characterisation” – thank you Karen, at Go Buy The Book!

“an entertaining read” – says Louise, at anintrovertslife – thank you!

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10 thoughts on “The Emerald Comb”

  1. Michelle Rafferty said:

    Kath I’m so proud of you

  2. … and today, you’rr over with me! Glad you’re getting such good reviews for The Emerald Comb, Kath.

  3. Hi there, I have been looking at your new book ‘The Emerald Comb’ it looks really great & I would love to buy it,but, my question is are you going to bring it out as a paperback or harcover for those who still love paper copies?

    • Hi Elaine, thanks for your kind comments. I would love The Emerald Comb to come out as a paperback but the decision is not mine – it is up to my publisher, Carina UK. They are an ebook-first publisher, and only produce paperback versions if sales warrant it. I live in hope!

      • Hi Kathleen, thank you for your reply, I am sure that this book will make a tremendous hit, & I will certainly buy it once it comes out on paperback.

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