The Pearl Locket

The Pearl LoThe Pearl Locket_FINALcket is my second novel to be published by Carina UK. It is a dual timeline novel, set partly in 1944 and partly in 2014. Here’s the blurb:

When Ali inherits her great-aunt’s house she immediately moves her whole family in, despite the warnings that there is something strange about the place. Unfazed Ali begins redecorating, going through the rooms, making each one her own with the help of her daughter, Kelly. But when under the wallpaper in Kelly’s new room they discover a scrawled message from 1944 Ali begins to question the history of the house as she knows it.

Her family has always seemed so picture perfect, not a blemish or a secret to be found. Yet, this discovery throws her into confusion and Ali begins to question exactly what she knows about her family and the mysteries they have kept hidden…

Published 27th February 2015.

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“There were twists and turns galore that had me gripping my Kindle to within an inch of its life” – Thank you Becca’s Boooks for such a wonderful enthusiastic review!

“a pleasant and inviting read” – it reminded Cheryl of her own family secrets…

“It has everything you need in a book; romance, suspense, friendship, family betrayals, and new life.” – says Dusti on Feedmeinbooks – thank you!

“a rewarding read that I won’t forget for a long time” – I found a new fan in Emma, on Shaz’s Book Boudoir. So glad you loved it, Emma!

“told with such grace and passion” – lovely review from AJ’s Book Blog, thank you!

“The Pearl Locket cost me a night’s sleep” – sorry, Karen, but thank you for such a lovely review!

“classy women’s fiction with vivid characters and imagery” – wonderful review from Jane Hunt, thank you so much!

“a gorgeous story that has everything going for it” – thank you so much, Cometbabe!

“a mystery thriller that will keep the reader enthralled right to the very end” – thank you, SplashesIntoBooks!

“An elegant, gripping and hugely enjoyable story” – thank you, Ginger Cat!

“incredibly poignant” – says Karen at GoBuyTheBook – thank you!

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4 thoughts on “The Pearl Locket”

  1. Are the The Pearl Locket and The Emerald Comb titles only available in E Book format? not paperback!!! Tried searching internet no luck!
    Can you advise if they will be released in future in paperback.
    I’m in Australia.
    Loved The Girl from Ballymoor story.

    Kindest Regards

    • Hi Pam
      Glad you enjoyed The Girl from Ballymor!
      Unfortunately my earlier books are only available as ebook and not as paperback. It’s up to my publisher whether they ever release them as paperback but I am not holding out much hope. Bear in mind you can get a Kindle app for free, for phone, tablet or laptop downloaded from Amazon, if you don’t have any kind of ereader device.
      I wish the publisher would release paperbacks as you’re by no means the first to ask this!
      thanks again

  2. ROSA MOLAMUSA said:

    Please sign me up for your newsletter

    • Hi Rosa – I don’t have a newsletter as such, but if you put your email address into the box on the top right of this website you’ll be alerted to any new posts here. Or if you use Facebook, you could ‘like’ the Kathleen McGurl page to get notifications of news from there.

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