The Stationmaster’s Daughter

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My latest novel tells the tale of the last days of a narrow gauge railway, then the restoration project almost eighty years later…

Here’s a Pinterest board containing pictures I used when writing it.

The novel is heavily inspired by the restoration of the Lynton to Barnstaple railway, in Devon, UK.

Published in Ebook format 7th August 2019.

Published as a paperback 17th October 2019.

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Here’s the blurb:

As the last train leaves, will life ever be the same?

Dorset, 1935
Stationmaster Ted has never cared much for romance. Occupied with ensuring England’s most beautiful railway runs on time, love has always felt like a comparatively trivial matter. Yet when he meets Annie Galbraith on the 8.42 train to Lynford, he can’t help but instantly fall for her.

But when the railway is forced to close and a terrible accident occurs within the station grounds. Ted finds his job and any hope of a relationship with Annie hanging in the balance…

Present day
Recovering from heartbreak after a disastrous marriage, Tilly decides to escape from the bustling capital and move to Dorset to stay with her dad, Ken.

When Ken convinces Tilly to help with the restoration of the old railway, she discovers a diary hidden in the old ticket office. Tilly is soon swept up in Ted’s story, and the fateful accident that changed his life forever.

But an encounter with an enigmatic stranger takes Tilly by surprise, and she can’t help but feel a connection with Ted’s story in the past…


Prize for first review goes to Debbie who described the book as  a “definite emotional rollercoaster of a read that will make you both cry and smile turning the pages at breakneck speed” – thank you so much for this early confidence-booster!

Karen at GoBuyTheBook, who has reviewed all my dual timeline novels, described it as “perfect summer read with an emotional backdrop” – thank you!

Sue at Broad Thoughts from a Home said it was a “thoroughly researched and beautifully written page-turner” – thank you Sue!

Jessica thought there was “something very special about this novel” and has made me blush with her praise – thank you!

“an enjoyable read with a twist in the tail” – says Books, Life and Everything – thank you!

Laura thought the book “makes for an excellent book club selection” – thank you very much!

On Splashes into Books the reviewer said “I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys uncovering the past to help the future” – thank you so much!

A wonderful review from Anne Williams who said “the story as it unfolded absolutely broke my heart” – thank you very much!

Julie at Bookish Jottings described it as “a wonderfully written timeslip novel from an outstanding storyteller” – wow, thank you!

Over at allthingsbookie Julie said the book had “wonderful sense of time and place and recreated the past beautifully” – thank you!

Over on Kraftireader the reviewer described the book as a “poignant historical time slip novel that will totally captivate you” – thank you so much!

Regular reviewer Cheryl M-M said the book was “a mystery come historical fiction with a modern flair” – thank you for your ongoing support, Cheryl!

Shalini thought it was “a perfect read on a rainy afternoon” – thank you!

“A heart-felt tale” that “brought the whole period to life” says Donna – thank you!

Sarah at Sarah’s Vignettes loved the character Ted so much she says she “wanted to jump into the pages to hug him”. He’s one of my favourite characters too – thank you very much, Sarah!

“A total pleasure to read” – says Stephanie at BooksAreCool – thank you so much!

Joanna at OverTheRainbow said in a lovely review: “The two threads are brilliantly plotted and come together nicely to create a surprising twist at the end” – thank you!

Cathy wrote that “The skilful writing and heartfelt, poignant story really drew me into the book” – thank you very much!

Jane Hunt is another regular reviewer of my books, and she said this: “The genealogy connection between the past and present is always cleverly done and is the author’s unique selling point, something that makes her stories both engaging and original.” – thank you so much!

Amanda at GingerBookGeek didn’t want the book to end: “I was enjoying the author’s writing style, the characters and the storylines so much that I just wanted the story to continue on and on” – thank you very much!

Tizi found the book evoked “a rollercoaster of emotions” – thank you!

Jennifer Wilson found the book well balanced and said “the mystery which brings both their stories together is equally intriguing in the past and present timelines” – thank you!

Dash Fan said the book was “a poignant and heart warming read that pulled on my heartstrings” – thank you very much!

And in the last but not least review from the incredible blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources, Stacy said this: “As I’ve come to learn from a Kathleen McGurl story nothing is ever as it seems and twists and turns are waiting for you at every corner so hold onto your seat as she takes you on one unforgettable ride.” – thank you so much!

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