Short Stories


You can download a free copy of a timeslip story called A Shortcut Through Time, written collaboratively by myself and several writer friends, by clicking here.


My main period of writing short stories was 2006-2009, before I became hooked on novel writing. During that time I sold many stories to magazines in the UK and Australia, and also started the womagwriter blog, which is now brilliantly run by Patsy Collins.

My stories have been published in:

  • Take A Break’s Fiction Feast
  • Take A Break Autumn Special
  • My Weekly
  • The Weekly News
  • The People’s Friend
  • Woman’s Weekly
  • That’s Life Fast Fiction (Australia)

I have also contributed to the following anthologies:

Many of my stories can be read in my own books, Short Stories and How to Write Them and Ghost Stories and How to Write Them which are both part anthology and part how-to-write.


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