The Forgotten Gift

The Forgotten Gift was published as an ebook on 11th November 2020 and in paperback and audiobook on 7th January 2021.

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What would you do to protect the ones you love?

1861. George’s life changes forever the day he meets Lucy. She’s beautiful and charming, and he sees a future with her that his position as the second son in a wealthy family has never offered him. But when Lucy dies in a suspected poisoning days after rejecting George, he finds himself swept up into a murder investigation. George loved Lucy; he would never have harmed her. So who did?

Now. On the surface Cassie is happy with her life: a secure job, good friends, and a loving family. When a mysterious gift in a long-forgotten will leads her to a dark secret in her family’s history she’s desperate to learn more. But the secrets in Cassie’s family aren’t all hidden in the past, and her research will soon lead her to a revelation much closer to home – and which will turn everything she knows on its head…

The blog tour began on publication day, hosted by the marvellous Rachel’s Random Resources. Thank you to all bloggers taking part!


First blogger review for this book is from the wonderful Cindy Spear, who is so supportive of many authors. “At the core of the mystery are the wild and binding threads of family history: branches of a family tree that have become tangled with fascinating secrets that must be unknotted and rectified.” Thank you so much.Cindy!

Cindy also interviewed me for her blog and you can read the interview here.

I’ve also had some lovely early reviews on Netgalley, including one from Norma F which makes me both blush and giggle: “The queen of dual timelines has done it again” – well please excuse me while I polish my crown!

On publication day, Debjani’s review was the first to appear. She found the book “not only a mystery well resolved but also an emotional and uplifting read” – thank you so much!

Tiziana said: “My oh my, the author managed to pull me in a story and I couldn’t take a rest before I knew every detail!” – thank you!

Over on DiniPandaReads the reviewer found she “enjoyed the exploration of what it means to be a family in this story” – thank you!

Julie at AllThingsBookie said “there are highs and lows, shocks and surprises, to keep the reader turning the page” – thanks!

“I’m convinced that Kathleen McGurl is the Queen of dual timeline family dramas – and reading this fantastic book only reinforced that.” says the review at SplashesIntoBooks. Here I go blushing again – thank you!

Julie at BookishJottings called the book “another superb page-turner by this talented storyteller” – thank you so much!

“Superb storytelling, excellent characters, two threads beautifully entwined – and a conclusion that really was everything I wanted it to be” said Anne Williams – thank you for this wonderful review!

Elena at JerasJamboree said the book was “brilliant at jumping from one century to another and the characters’ lives are so expertly linked to one another that I couldn’t put the book down.” Thank you!

Karen at GoBuyTheBook had this to say: “This is a wonderful read which, although fiction, gives a real insight into aspects of Victorian life.” – thank you Karen for your ongoing support for my books, really appreciated!

Another Karen at KarenReadsAndRecommends says: ” I am fascinated by genealogy and I found this book drew me in really quickly.” – thank you! 

JaffaReadsToo had this to say: “The author has a lovely way of drawing the reader right into the very centre of the story so that emotional bonds are quickly made with all the characters” – thank you so much!

“Believable emotion, clever connections and historical detail make this an intriguing and satisfying story.” says Jane Hunt -thank you!

” I genuinely felt as though I was part of the story myself and that’s down to Kathleen’s realistic and very vivid storytelling.  I was gripped by the story from start to finish.” said the GingerBookGeek – thank you so much!

This review from MrsBrownsBooks contained a mix of useful criticism as well as praise. Overall she thought it was “a gentle, historical read that focuses more on characterisation than action” – thanks for your kind words.

“I loved the mystery. I love the historical accuracy. Honestly, everything about this book is just awesome. ” says Jessica Belmont – thank you!

“I loved missing some sleep to finish it.” says Amy at AmysBooketList – thank you!

A new reviewer (to me!) said “The story was beautifully written and intriguing as well” – thank you Chronicalist!

And the last review of the blog tour was a really lovely one, from RajivsReviews. He said : “Secrets, scandals, and surprising reveals make “The Forgotten Gift” a superb book to read!” – thank you so much!

Julia at ChristianBookaholic said “The Forgotten Gift by Kathleen McGurl is a marvellous dual timeline that had me gripped from the start.” -thank you so much!