The Girl from Ballymor

My newest novel, to be published on 7th September, is set mostly in Ireland, with the historical part of the story set during the famine years of the 1840s.


Here’s the blurb:

What would you sacrifice for your children?

Ballymor, Ireland, 1847

As famine grips the country Kitty McCarthy is left widowed and alone. Fighting to keep her two remaining children alive against all odds, Kitty must decide how far she will go to save her family.

Present day

Arriving in Ballymor, Maria is researching her ancestor, Victorian artist Michael McCarthy – and his beloved mother, the mysterious Kitty who disappeared without a trace.

Running from her future, it’s not only answers about the past that Maria hopes to find in Ireland. As her search brings her closer to the truth about Kitty’s fate, Maria must make the biggest decision of her life.

The book is available for preorder now.

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Here’s a Pinterest board for pictures which helped inspire this novel.

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