The Girl with the Emerald Flag

My latest novel was published as an ebook and audio book on 11th November 2022, and will be released in paperback in January 2023.

It’s a return to Ireland for me, covering the tumultuous events of Easter week, 1916. The blurb is below.

A country rebelling
It’s 1916 and, as war rages in Europe, Gráinne leaves her job in a department store to join Countess Markiewicz’s revolutionary efforts. It is a decision which will change her life forever. A rebellion is brewing, and as Dublin’s streets become a battleground, Gráinne soon discovers the personal cost of fighting for what you believe in…

A forgotten sacrifice
Decades on, student Nicky is recovering from a break-up when a research project leads her to her great-grandmother’s experiences in revolutionary Ireland. When Nicky finds a long-forgotten handkerchief amongst her great-grandmother’s things, it leads to the revelation of a heartbreaking story of tragedy and courage, and those who sacrificed everything for their country.

There will be a blog tour hosted by Rachel’s Random Resources, beginning on publication day. I’ll put a link to all reviews here.

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First review is from Cindy Spears, who described the novel as “a story of great courage, sacrifice, love and heartbreak on a nationwide scale”. Thanks Cindy, as always, for your support!

Cindy also interviewed me about this book on publication day. You can read that here.

“Kathleen McGurl has written another cracking book, one that entertains and educates in equal measures.” says Karen at Go Buy the Book – thank you so much!

Jane Hunt reviewed the book on Instagram, and said “the author brings the social and political aspects of the Easter Rising to life with vibrant characters and vivid sensory imagery” – thank you!

At Tiziana’s Book Review Tizi said she “learned something completely new, fascinating and inspiring” – I aim to educate as well as please! Thank you, Tizi.

Another Instagram review, and in this one the reviewer praises the book for “raise awareness to a lesser known part of history through wonderful, powerful characters who you support and want to succeed.” – thank you!

Cheryl MM liked how the book told the story of the uprising from “the level of people and their personal experience and perspective 2 – thanks!

Over at Insatiable readers, the reviewer had this to say: “What I have been is TRANSPORTED, TRANSFORMED, and utterly BLOWN AWAY by the story, characters, history, and emotive power within each book.” – Wow. Thank you!

A regular on my blog tours, Jo at OverTheRainbow found the ending “incredibly emotional” – thank you!

Stina described the book as “a heartbreaking tale of rebellion, independence and finding one’s place in the world” – thank you!

Linda on Instagram said the book is: “A well constructed and fabulously interesting and enjoyable read.” – thank you!

“This story is terrific, and it’s told in way that both tugs at the heartstrings and practically compels the reader to look for more.” says Marlene at Reading Reality – thanks so much for a wonderful review!

“This was one of those books that stayed with me whether I had my Kindle in my hand or not. If I wasn’t reading the book then I was thinking about it. If I had to put the book down then I would immediately look forward to being able to pick the book up again.” says the Ginger Book Geek – thank you!

Sharon at Beyond the Books said it was “an emotional story and one that I was thoroughly immersed in” – thank you!

“As I was reading, I felt like the history had been very well researched and it really brought this period to life. Really enjoyed the strong female lead characters.” says Mrs Beee – thank you!

Julie at Bookish Jottings described the book as a “sweeping, engrossing and emotional tale from a writer who consistently delivers beautifully written page-turners that never fail to hold readers spellbound” – thank you so much!

“a gentle tale, but with a strong sense of realism” says Cathie Dunn – thanks!